Investment Planning

Finding the right investment vehicle, endowment, tax-free savings, unit trust and share portfolios to suit your objective.

Managing the risk associated with investing through asset allocation allowing you to reach your objectives.

Over the past 20 years the local markets have returned on average a 12% return while the international markets have returned a 20% return on average. Offshore markets also work as a hedge against the local markets which are affected by political, economical and cyclical effects.

Risk Planning

Death and Disability have a way of disturbing the source of income therefore affecting you and your loved one's lifestyle. With proper planning the effects of these events can be reduced drastically.

Will & Estate Planning

The distribution of your assets upon death could either be a well-orchestrated process (less painful) or disaster leaving your family destitute.

Most individuals are unaware of fees and expenses (executor fees, donations tax, estate duty) associated with liquidating an estate.

Let us assist in avoiding or providing or even reducing these unforeseen expenses.

Car, Home & Business Insurance

Theft and natural disasters (fire, heavy storms) could leave you unable to generate an income but still having to pay debts associated with the purchase of these assets.We can significantly reduce the risks associated with this loss.

Healthcare Services

Medical aid such as day-to-day or hospital cover is the basic protection you can put in place for yourself and your loved ones. With so many choices available in the market we will assist you in choosing the correct cover.

Tax Planning

Creating wealth has it's own problem which if uncatered for could lead to destruction. Tax avoidance - not tax evasion which is an illegal action could significantly reduce the tax bill.